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How Award-Winning Supply Chain Software ‘SCAIR’ Can Help Protect YOUR Business

Supply Chain Risk Management Software from InterSys – Safeguard Your Company NOW

If there is a weak link somewhere in your supply chain this could do considerable damage not only to your business, but also to your business’s reputation. And you don’t want that. It’s true, one vulnerable supplier could mean that everything you have toiled hard to create and build up over a number of years could all be jeopardised or even destroyed.

The solution to protecting your business from potential catastrophe is to make a small, one-off investment in high quality supply chain risk management software – SCAIR – an effective computer program from InterSys which will allow you to:

1. Monitor your supply chain performance easily and affordably
2. Foresee any problems by taking steps to protect yourself from the loss of critical supplier
3. Isolate any weak links
4. Enjoy carrying on trading and progressing as a business without interruption
5. Uphold your reputation as an ethical company who delivers on time and doesn’t let others down

With all this and more, it’s not hard to see why SCAIR is the award-winning computer program the industry is talking about and even calling: ‘Supply chain peace of mind’.

SCAIR Supply Chain Risk Management Software – So Many Benefits

SCAIR’s intuitive flowchart-driven interface allows both Risk and Supply Chain professionals to map critical supply points and estimate exposures:

1. Ensure the security of your supply chain by understanding where the weak links may be.
2. Effectively manage your stock or alternative sourcing arrangements, and
3. Respond appropriately and decisively to failures in your supply chain.

Invest in SCAIR – and then RELAX

Don’t lose a critical supply point through failing to put a supply chain risk safeguard in place first. By investing in SCAIR from InterSys you are taking a giant stride forward towards enjoying ‘supply chain peace of mind’. As we have seen, other companies across the UK are already doing so.

Come and join them!

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