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Robust plans can save a business. How prepared are you?

Being prepared doesn’t mean having a plan that gathers dust on your shelf, it means having responsible individuals who are trained and ready to respond to any scenario that may escalate into a crisis.

Whoever said that “95 per cent of success is due to planning” was wise indeed. Not just planning for success, but also having contingency plans in place should the unthinkable happen…

There’s a lot more to planning, however, than simply having a vague Plan B, or a hastily written ‘what to do in the event of…’ file gathering dust on your shelf. The truth is that great planning is all about great people. Motivated and responsible team members who are professionally trained and primed to respond to any scenario that may escalate into a crisis.

Most importantly, you need to understand your critical business processes in order to determine which have priority and therefore need to be recovered first.

Always be ten steps ahead!

In a crisis, people have little time to think – they prefer to act. That’s good, but unless a great deal of thinking and planning has already been done in advance, all number of problems can occur which lead to your team’s response still ending in failure.

Identify threats, respond immediately

The planning process should be closely linked to risk assessments performed as part of your approach to Enterprise Risk Management. This will enable you identify the critical threats that you may have to respond to.

Applying teamwork under pressure

Training of the business continuity team and testing the plan is essential. InterSys® can help you to design realistic scenarios to put your team in a crisis situation to determine how your plan will work under pressure.

In the event of a catastrophe, all this and more could be the difference between survival or the end of your business and everything you’ve strived to build up. Isn’t it better to be 100 per cent prepared?