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SCAIR™ Supply Chain Analysis of Interruption Risk

Our SCAIR product is a market leading solution in the field of risk management modelling. It has proven flexible enough to be used in a number of other scenarios such as process modelling and engineering. We provide the support and consultancy services necessary to ensure that our risk management software solutions will work for your business.

Key features:

  • Enables understanding and quantification of supply chain vulnerabilities.
  • More effectively manage stock and alternative sourcing arrangements.
  • Respond appropriately and decisively to failures in your supply chain.
  • Create robust contingency plans.
  • Evaluate ‘make or buy’ decisions in full knowledge of the risks that
    you may be outsourcing.
  • Generate a highly auditable contribution to your corporate risk register.
  • Provide the means to purchase wide ranging insurance cover.

More info at www.supplychain-risk.com